Saturday, 27 July 2013

I will conclude the philosophy of place. We describe a place as derivative or direct, meaning we can look at how something came about or we can just consider what is here now. These 2 aspects of place do not coincide. I devised a random system for painting where by the eye scans a whole image at once moving from one area of the painting to the next without any specified structure. This is the way the eye naturally moves rather than an image being replaced for another image that is replaced for a third and then considered by category, for instance this is a still life this is a landscape or this is a picture of a bowl on a table and this is a hill with a tree and clouds. Using this system of constructing images we forget about subjects and think more about the formal qualities.  In my attempts to be direct about painting there are always instances when we have to consider from where it came. At times however it is necessary to break systems.

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